Hand Department

By employing the latest technology in computerized addressing, presorting, and postage metering, Bluemoon Marketing Group complies with all United States Postal Services (USPS) mailing requirements. And full-time programmers process your lists to ensure accuracy and the best possible postal discounts. If storage space is a problem for you, Bluemoon will store collateral elements, such as brochures, envelopes, presentation folders, employment forms, and other promotional or informational products and have them assembled and shipped when needed. So take advantage of quantity print pricing by leaving the extras with us! Some projects require specials needs that equipment just can’t handle. In this case, we offer a full service fulfillment department to accomplish the things that technology has not addressed yet. Hand collating, gluing, assembly, and inventory control are all services we offer to complete those higher-level orders. Whether your project requires hand assembly, kit packing, inserts, pick and pack, inspection, reworking or repacking services, we can complete the job, quickly and efficiently.